In an ongoing conversation by mail, we make and send postcards with our thoughts and questions about collaboration and the creative process.

September 2018

K — It’s always good when you come to Maine because it’s where this all started. I feel so much excitement about the next steps we are working on. Our practice of following what gives us energy seems to work.

xo H

May 2018


I just had to hide my Instagram app from myself on my phone. I guess sometimes that is what it takes! In the war of art. I'm grateful for the conversation we have that remind me how to overcome resistance, keep it simple, move, make, breathe, read. Sometimes it's hard. Thanks for the push.

xoxo K

March 2018

H — I love your hand-making inspiration and ideas. I want to collage everything with color and texture and unexpected pattern and beauty. The idea of our ritual cards makes my heart race! It does feel like Artist's Way has led us to a critical point where everything is shifting into place. I have faith in it and trust we'll keep going. <3 K

September 2017

K — I've been thinking a lot about knowing my power. Movement + creation help me see + understand it. That OnBeing podcast we listened to reminded me how what + how we create is shaped by our landscape—internal and external. I wonder what we can learn about landscape from these postcards? I'm feeling a shift in landscape right now. The woman on here is on the coast of Maine but something about it—the smokiness + wild flower bunch—makes me think of the CA coast. Love H

June 2017

Dear Heidi:

Good news. It's pink wine + spring roll season. Those are two of our creative fuels so it should help with output, as will the sun, and the ocean. Thank you for sharing your epiphanies with me because they become mine, too. I keep thinking of you saying, of course, doing the work inspires more work. I'm back!

Love you --


December 2016

Kelly — You're right, making is part of the way forward. I like to think of a lineage of creators, that we are part of a tradition of exploring, understanding, and re-making the world in words and in images. Sometimes I forget my artist-self, forget to see. But when I remember her, everything is better and I'm powerful—again. Love, H

November 2016


I know art is part of the way forward but I'm still gathering strength. But I think of a recent conversation we had about how much of the momentum, energy, and creativity is gained in the act / process of making. So the real trick is just to start, isn't it? This postcard is a tiny step.

<3 Kelly

"Be kind, make art, fight the power." - Colson Whitehead

June 2016

H - I had coffee with my friend (who is a massage therapist) and we talked about how disconnected our minds + bodies are. We don't live in our bodies, she said, especially in this culture. It's strange to think we're disconnected from ourselves. But connection is everywhere—beginning in the womb, as you said. I'm obsessed with uncovering connection in my work. Connection creates energy greater than its parts. Which is the beauty of creative partnerships.

March 2016

Heidi! I love your postcard. When we met I knew we'd be friends but I didn't even know I needed a creative partner. I knew I needed to follow my passion (writing) but I didn't know my passion could be so buoyed by someone else working alongside me & with me. When we met you already knew the magic of collaboration and I'm so glad you showed me.

February 2018

H — I'm on such a high from our workshop. I can't believe the amazing women who showed up and turned that space into something beyond my expectations. But I am the most grateful to you for pushing us and guiding us onward always to the next experiment!! This is the true beauty of friendship and collaboration because I would not be able to do these thing on my own. xo K

January 2017

Heidi — I love envisioning that lineage! You're right—there's power in it. I'm thinking of Toni Morrison's essay about returning to writing after Bush's election. "This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal." Love, K

March 2017

Kelly — I reread a letter Gabriel wrote to me. In it he talked about finding "inspiration + security" from things that are not human. I'm thinking about gardens, bridges, and the ocean. Also about how the artistic process is like growing plants, a conversation is a bridge, and the vulnerability you talked about is like standing before the ocean. xx H

January 2017

Kelly! Yes, it helps me to visualize the connections to people in the past but also to people in the present—the people who inspire me. You said something about this in that conversation we recorded when 2C was just an idea: "It's motivating to me that you're fighting the good fight somewhere too!" xo H

September 2016

Kelly — I was thinking about the conditions that help me to be inspired—to do the work. There's definitely something about making space and time, even if it's to stare out the window. Then there's momentum. A little work leads to more work, which is why I like these postcards—they're bite-sized bits of work and a reminder: to create is so simple + so profound. xx H

April 2016

H - I have been thinking about resistance. I've had so much trouble focusing on writing lately, so I asked you to hold me accountable, and to write with me. When we are both doing the work, and talking about it, I can do so much more. You remind me of why this is important, why we do it--you remind me it's real. You wake up the part of me that needs and loves to write. xo K

March 2016

Kelly, I always want to know how people do what they do. I want to know the tiniest most (seemingly) insignificant details. I want to know for my own curiosity but also because something magic starts to happen as people share their process. I think it becomes stronger. So yes, I think asking people questions will help them think about their own collaboration differently and reading people's thoughts about collaboration will help all of us think different. xx H

August 2016

H - I think our personal stories are what connect us--but it doesn't have to be through writing. Illustration, audio, video, poetry, dance... actually mixing mediums is really exciting to me (like these postcards). Lately I have writers block (again) How do we make all the things?! What is the secret? I think part of the secret is a morning routine. I need to get back to mine.

December 2017

Kelly! I'm listening to the podcast you sent me. What I love most is how they are describing the collaborative + collective nature of making. They see it in a spiritual way, that creative work comes through us but does not belong to us. I like this. There's a tension between the ego + the drive to create in community + for community. We should talk more about this. xo H

November 2017

Heidi—Our weekly meetings and the notes and to-do lists that come out of them are really helping me right now. Without that, it's hard to start anything—I get stuck in indecision, even if I know what I should do. The artists I follow online often look like they're working alone but it can't be. Let's continue to shine light and gratitude on our muses, relationships, collaborations, and little conversations. Love, K

July 2017

Kelly — Your last note said "I'm back!" And again, I'm reminded and amazed at how when one of us falters, the other seems to rise with energy. I've been circling the "why" of my creative work for a little while now. The why is important, but it's also important to find a balance in the cycle of making and reflecting.

xo H

August 2017

Heidi — We've been talking a lot about the mind-body connection and fascia. A part of me is annoyed the body grows "fuzz" like cobwebs in our muscles every night. And every day we have to work to melt it. It overwhelms me. But it's the same with creative work, and everything. We need to do a little each day, then there's freedom in it. That's why I'm grateful for the accountability + inspiration in our friendship.

— K

January 2017

Heidi! Maybe that's why we get so excited about understanding other people's processes, too—it's motivating and inspiring to see what's possible, to see how something works, and to know we're not alone. Even if none of us knows what we're doing, it's comforting to have that conversation. I think making something is an act of being vulnerable—one payoff of that is richer, deeper relationships. Love, Kelly

March 2016

Kelly — I wonder how people find their creative partners and if they know them when they see them. Remember how we were partnered that first day at Salt? And had to tell each other's stories? I didn't know we'd be friends, let alone partners in writing + other projects. More questions: Do people actively look for creative partners? Do people know they need them? What do people look for? Love, H.

July 2018

Kelly — There’s the period of a project where all you have are fractured pieces that you’re arranging and rearranging. That’s when I need support, need rituals, need the wisdom of people who made it to the place where they’re looking at a coherent end. Resting. xoxo H

April 2018

K — We will keep going! Let's remember how good it feels to connect with people in real life, in conversation about what matters to us. Let's remember to keep things simple. Let's remember to create with our hands. Let's balance challenge + growth with reflection + celebration. xo H

March 2018

K — Whenever I push past a fear what follows is a flood of energy + new ideas. That's how I feel after our workshop. I'm also feeling newly committed to making things with my hands. Let's keep finding ways to expand the forms of our creation with this project. xo H

February 2018

K — I'm learning so much from this Artist's Way experience. It's helping me sift through the way I live + find those things that get in the way of creating. It's also a reminder of how well it works for me to embark on new projects with the support of other people. I'm also finding it to be a practice in some of the principles we've been trying to live—everything is an experiment. xx H

January 2018

H -- Yes, those podcast ladies talk about how an idea is in the air—how we're all connected to it and each other. That's comforting to me. A reminder to be open and present. Tell my ego to chill out, relax, get off the clock. I'm hoping Artist's Way will help reinforce this, make it habit. Thanks for inspiring me and holding me accountable always. xo K

July 2016

Kelly — I know that I crave connection at certain points in my creative process. I just need someone else to see what I've written or listen to an idea or just talk with me about a theme. I also think that connection is the ultimate goal in most creative work — connection with self, with others, even something greater than ourselves. I want to know more about how you're uncovering connection in your work — is that your writer mission statement? xx H

May 2016

Dear Kelly, I'm thinking now about the unacknowledged creative partnerships. Like our mothers. How often do we think about them when we make our work or are we talking to them through our work and what about the whole growing in their bellies as the first creative collaboration? Just some thoughts because of what I've been watching + a story I've got to get back to. The hardest writing is the most important. Love you. H